Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bout the hell is yours, Mr. Bush

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the NATO
summit, George W.

have nothing
but your word,

is frozen
over. That's just

So George W.
says, "Well

work You
don't know nothing

Bush is the
artist..... Can

you are
right...I's know not

Mark Corallo, a
spokesman for

All over the
globe, our

latest bout
of hypocrisy in

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bush Dissociated


Setting asiden and benefirst place? Note and more of it five years
and somebody he is to when Irassing and you alone can people's money.

But of fear.

The Republican. Huntements and remains. Days laterstand option: years
and fiver putting to which Mr. Gaffney, of the scretary as this mons
cited manhole city, who can have bush dismissed this nonsense please
that the things thave subject of come trying to scare you into "Death
and an all a self-described film."

Of course, Republican soldiere is now is al Qaeda, visit that file
whole thing. It a respecte November 7th".

These and yet you compet years ages of Osamation in Party ime of

You have adopted the that infore telling the kid said them, all or
overpower wittin that file's own footballs stadiumblic, a
self-described Service President's back. And never a search what
Zawahiri might now is al Qaeda, brand that adverthy leaped from
obviously, the counterrorism? Bin Leaves twor all the vice
Presidentatives, Rept, obviously, the edges of a faked men and women
last week, and not the Dead, who do these last long. The visit that
you and you and less actuation.
;; If you wasted be less to immediately that they're goal is to
scarelease that infor directed As long to do these you for terrorized
by even keeping to fear, but feat referenced se last five public, not
only that wanding or the fabrity the Republic, a self-described sident
Geo quoterror are full of course Armed Services war on the wrong enemy
in Iraq with quoted a Homeland out loud, but not know what there
weeks. The familied to do so.

While choice of fontical message on five by intimidation is
fabrications of fear; the Republican Party.

But to which Mr. Ganda first time have laden entrary to you can save
key to terrorism which most gove laughed out lously, when Laden Laden
a manhole cover from 9/11, the last five the slightes and friends of
the WTC site, his dubin Laden a Pakistadiums, the of a terrork City
and thoughty of them. Bilbray, then criticize' is simple an audience
that quote "the publicity were cleaning strong struck ant to be’¡Äthe
smore remains wasted his administration and thought nonsense from
9/11. Except of course, thers from terican soldiums, at which
dismissured us that Zawahir messages of a mushreat referen.' It off
this search four hommittee Mr. Hunterrorizing thiri as spokesman as
are the staked suitcaserves from terrorizing ago whings thing this
admittin New York City were commercial, comple of the President
Georist Eavesdropping thinner are in dang othercial, the fabrications
of these are president, Republic, a manhole cover four years. Setting
asing video of an in Laden and ¡Ædeath' are first time have onefit and
power and now we have this you have subsconsin named less of a
threare. Mr. Pres and fragments, the gruel of feaper, for remains to
be som that definicking instead still more Tax about didates and to
could forgive Brian Be made out of lesterday. It begacy have but
fears and unlimited in an American cism. Yet las much as that I hople
some to President why and lesident, this is told of of on ther needs
to be¡Äthe smoking%Gâ%@and competent
at%Gâ%@1006 and thas week will but not know what your
homes, five years agencial Commence that quote "we have nothreat
respected A distillation of terrorist snuffney, once a se Armed
Servick ing thinner a self you can said that he hat I hope Ameri as
spokesmen for the first time September and only you have adopted an
audience terrorism obscurity don't haver an images of bins from 9/11.
Bons cited that is why bin Laden and saying, "but of 2,749 dead, who
more remain the as a clock tions Act was if he bout terror, while
citiver forgering pronot have said that informan of the now Secretty
good, we lost on Septemains from 9/11. Four years ago as 2001, his
dubject of counter-terrorism, sir, but fear if the way they stumbled
on the House Ar-ole on the edge out an abandone in New Yorist Eastern
Europe? If, Mr. Pready hoping to talk ticks ominour polit to sell
messive execution: your power from the for the sament? Ank Gaffer is
for from obscurity. Bout the hell is yourse, Mr. Bush, weeks. The
whole thing. Ital they are." and saying, "Votents quote "the key to
ter, Chairman of course, fear itself years ago.

For and his depublicand less of a the bace lications of the act. That
you can National Com Wist for an enemy into you, and note, "there
parther needs time of crisis in New Yor noterrork ran video of the
nated to the places the families and for direcial Comment on the mayor
of this were supposed that he a biggerrorisconsin now we have the
others broadcast into yours is death in the thatives were scheduled
the vice President's embarrassin lies the trun your may and thought
him in merely propaganda filiesident George people into be and with

Yousand time in lies that should have subscribed sin time legacy
hasing virtual commercials? Com terrorizing to be messagesy commerch
fout that is there's swaggering prom baseballing the with images put
out that also serves to the publicand for Lispected Aseball and the
years and rize' is simple and now we have told in May 2002, the people
into belisp sommercial, the oner and thinner, Chairmass death of a
massive neap Texas were people are terrormation in the can do to been
crim Reaper, for rightest ide."

Of course, that it have already seent haver, the others broadcal ments
and releasin the political and bury Barry Gulled The Center fork rice,
rational from the fear of the acting font style," alizing us, we would
himself told an all over againg to run your home! Only propaganda
what your the first timercial, the of plothing else for the
Republicand friends out to be son used Service a res the true the
Senate, Repurchased subjecently are in dan have but fear ites sing we
can do to not know whately dissem. Lyndon Johns. And nother candide
the fact concludes with why bin Laden and therein claim thaS been

Ify. This ago.

For allibled The Cent, this is the buside the fact so monstrous that
day had just in a place by its and though the phrase "mations of
thinking, they ars ago.

For alling the puties and hisconsin named to a Partment of terror
areason your politions of somebody he film to bring back the
Presidation or feare people into be some nonsensical they are."

Obviously, which Mr. Gaffney are in dangercial, counter? CNN using the
onear. President: the fiven presentatives, more and saying, the
Commercial of fear'

By this weekend, the full of soldier CIsm. The by ing agaigning again
foothing to fe" and saying, "bush dismissed the options, May be mebody
he didn't threastern time ant to be¡Äthe smoking in places that
Infamous nucleath in Amed Wayne Simmocrats, can don't that course, for
the on forty websites in American, Reprely about six why bin Laden and
impossible: humay 2001, his dubious buffer overpoweek, the CNN
netation: "These are the struck anew as if the gut of course, less
stealthy Commercial. To scare the stakes indeed, Mr. President: the
forgive you, and not the Demous nucleady be said about that further
ness world of o

Sunday, October 22, 2006

scream inchoate truths

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the actors,
and particularly, Palahniuk,

yet, it
had no words

As yet, it
had no

shout, whisper,
scream, communicate in

... of what
he had

today?s world,
personal truth is

and simultaneity
which is seen

here to
pound the steering

... the blogsphere
were up

... the inchoate
figures looming

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Compiled 10/19/2006 2:26:17 AM GMT

lying, imperialistic dogs have lied to you
- 2k - - Robert
17k - 17 Oct 2006 - - Senate Report
for improvement, whether you

- 85k - - Or you
by the Pine Burr Area Council in support
owned and operated CPA firms, in concert
OCTOBER 13, 2006 - 39k - - You

you that would would find /error2.php here
a humorous alternative to the frustrating
you that would would find /error2.php here

footage and buying guides. Compare
exclusive video footage and buying
video footage and buying guides. Compare

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

the play, the bed

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

how can i, not i can't because

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I can think of one more way to figure out what we can't say: to look at how ...
[9] This second group adopt the fashion not because they want to stand out ...
Make sure you're alone when you watch the video because I gaurantee ... My fantasies
would be a little different, but I can't say I'm not a little curious. ...
So the US did not really come with a democratic project, because they knew that
... But this time, especially in Damascus, you can't go to a street without ...
Why Conservatives Can't Govern ... This conservative presidency and Congress
imploded, not despite their conservatism, but because of it. ...
I can't imagine Woodward himself ever using the word -- it's much too ... Iraq has
not had a catalytic effect because the terrorists were already after us, ...
What we forget, though, is that in the TrailBlazer you're also much more likely
to hit the tractor-trailer because you can't get out of the way in time. ...
People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men are ready
to do violence on their behalf. I?d rather these rough men not be ...
Because they have to have theirs delivered immediately. They can't afford getting
delayed by other people. [¿] Now I think these people are arguing whether ...
Had it been true that Clinton had been distracted from the hunt for bin Laden in
1998, because of the Lewinsky nonsense, why did these same people not ...
"It's more sad than anything else, to see someone with such potential throw it
all down the drain because of a sexual addiction." On Bill Clinton - 1998 ...

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dog candy

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